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Emu oil 30ml

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Emu Oil is a concentrated product obtained by extraction and fractionation. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, and leaves no greasy marks. Anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of Emu Oil are due to its composition. It consists of 70% fatty acids that unsaturated fats, i.e. highly active ones. Emu Oil is rich in α-linolenic acid, a substance known for its therapeutic effect on muscles and joints, and oleic acid that has anti-inflammatory effect. Prostaglandins of linolenic acid reduce swelling and stiffness of joints of limited mobility. They have an analgetic effect (particularly in cases of injury) and release muscle tension caused by increased physical activity. Emu Oil is a natural effective moisturizer with high biological activity. It quickly absorbs and penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin because of high content of oleic acid. It is perfect for dry skin as it provides moisturizing benefits throughout the day. Emu Oil is also an effective solution for problem skin. It does not clog pores, thus it does not cause formation of acne. It reduces irritation and inflammation caused by eczema. Eczema patients often suffer from intolerance to cosmetics. The vast majority of moisturizers enhance skin irritation. Emu Oil does not irritate the skin, but improves its condition. Emu Oil promotes regeneration and the healing of the skin. It calms, reduces itching, and prevents the keloid formation. Tissue repair is faster, more intense, and accompanied by less pain. It may be combined with other cosmetic products. Emu Oil does not contain allergens, fragrance free, and is very economical to use.

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